videographers: tony fair, maksim axelrod


tour videographers: maksim axelrod, philip belfon, tony fair, scott goodman

if you run

first time in hong kong. last night at the must-visit restaurant posto pubblico.

produced by: jefferson jackson, cinematography: maksim axelrod, bastile tournier


produced by jefferson jackson

sound design, dialogue & video editing: leo coltrane

cinematography: ernie, maksim axelrod, philip belfon, tony fair, marcin kapron, benjamin sumpter


featuring uncutt art

it took us a year to link up to collaborate on this project. the result is this dope collaboration with new york artist uncutt art. two artists, two different mediums, same message. enjoy.

intro piano: ernie | produced by: leo coltrane | electric bass: eiko peck | cinematography: maksim axelrod


natalie oliveri remix | feat. uncutt art

vocals & keys: natalie oliveri, bass: eiko peck


nearly 30 international artists blessed me with hand drawn, painted, sprayed and digital illustrations of my album title, "that third thing". they're all really dope, so instead of a random selection, here's my thank you to the first 10 letter artists that sent me pieces. yeahyo..

produced by: cru the dynamic | electric bass: eiko peck | cinematography: maksim axelrod, philip belfon

 after the tone

8 words submitted for me to incorporate into this verse:      "on blank pages chaos evolves into written art."

8 words submitted for me to incorporate into this verse: "graffiti was taught in the tunnels at night"

once again, i asked eiko if he'd record and send me a bass line from japan. i told him my idea for this video and the phrase katharine gave me. as it turns out, they've known each other since high school. and about 5 years ago when he still lived in brooklyn, she wrote that line as a lyric for a song he produced and sang. yo. small world.

produced by: el-p for rhythm roulette | electric bass: eiko peck

8 words submitted by hannibal burress for me to incorporate into this verse: innocuous, dovetail, barometer, alternator, svelte, cougar, zeitgeist, fungus

yo hannibal, thanks for these words and beat selection, this turned out dope!

cinematography: tony fair, megan french-marcelin

music: mndsgn

dialogue & video editing: leo coltrane

8 words submitted for me to incorporate into this verse: 
"duty, delicious, deity, derelict, debauchery, diabolical, donkey, devastate."

“i love where i came from but i can’t promise you that i’ll be back until i’m done with what i gotta do”. i wrote that line after moving from brooklyn to los angeles. i was out there for a long time, flying back and forth for my east coast fix. i met ben while i was in hollywood doing video assist on shoots he produced. cool cat, mad jokes, that’s my guy. and apparently he opened the dictionary to the letter d for his 8 words, all good. i borrowed an idea from host sean evans where he does a “deep dive” through his guests instagram timeline for pics that need more context. all these images are ben’s and most are self explanatory. except for the donkey milk soap. so yeah, there was that. happy belated homie.

produced by: dj static

8 words submitted for me to incorporate into this verse: "can’t help it. i want what i want."

ayo tracy, thanks for this phrase. i never know how i'll flip the rubick's when I'm rotating these words, and these brought me back to the 80s. i wrote this verse to a live recording of biz markie beatboxing for roxanne shante. i chose it after watching her movie because it reminded me of when i first saw biz. on a saturday afternoon, he drove to a video rental store a block from my building. i was with friends watching from the corner as a small crowd formed outside the store and someone told me that biz was in the spot buying benny hill video tapes [which was bugged since it was a rental spot.] for a kid, it was a dope moment that lasted a couple of minutes and it was the first time i saw a rapper in person.

beatbox: biz markie


audio: erin stevens * bass: eiko peck * dj: vulgar * drums: tmk_010010 * visuals: maksim axelrod


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